Lifetime Income


You’re on the right track… You’re building a significant savings that should be able to fund your retirement. But will it?

When it comes time to financing your retirement, questions arise that can de-rail your well-earned retirement plans. No one knows how long they’ll live, how the market will perform or whether there’ll be a financial emergency that drains their assets.

The fear of the unknown can lead you to underspend – living miserly without taking full advantage of the retirement lifestyle you very much deserve, leaving untapped assets behind unnecessarily.

With Vynntana™ Lifetime Income Program, you can retire more confidently, knowing you have taken steps to identify the income you should need to live comfortably through your retirement, reduce the potential impact of market uncertainty and maintain considerable control of your assets, giving you the flexibility to make changes along the way.

So you and your participants can say “we did it.” We’ve arrived at the sunset of a career. We’ve worked hard and are ready to say goodbye to the everyday hustle and pursue our retirement dreams.

To see how the Lifetime Income Program can provide you with the tools to walk more confidently into retirement