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A Message to Our Clients

As we all make adjustments critical to the safety and well-being of those around us, we want to reassure all of our clients of our ongoing availability and our continued capacity to conduct all normal business operations on your behalf. We have received similar confirmations from our various service providers and custodians involved in administering your accounts.

For the safety of our team members, we have closed our physical home office in Durham in order to allow all of our staff to operate seamlessly from home.

Be aware that incoming mail my take extra time to be processed due to changes in mail processing coverage and delays in deliveries. You may also see delays in the processing of items sent in overnight or two-day mail. Electronically sending documents where possible will allow us to provide the most timely service.

In this time, our strongest thoughts and concerns are for your personal wellness and that of those around you. Be safe, and do not hesitate to contact us through all normal channels of communication.

We are driven by the conviction that our role is to contribute to your financial well being with a careful plan for achieving a meaningful result. Reflecting that, our process is heavily focused on maximizing the probability of your success over time.

As investors, we are all inundated by headlines and emotions and often conflicting predictions. Amidst all the noise, what is important, and what is merely superficial?

In this challenging world, Verity is first and foremost in the business of providing solutions, and we don’t wait for solutions, we create them.

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