Risk Management


Managing Risk plays a major role in the accumulation and retention of wealth.  As investors, each of us wants to make all the money we reasonably can but stretching too far or chasing yesterday’s winners may not produce the desired results. In today’s markets, an adaptable process can be vital, for circumstances change, and an investment manager must always be thinking about the effect of those changes on portfolio strategy.

Verity’s investing principles and practices for portfolio management have evolved over time, shaped by insights gained over many market cycles and conditions. Our team of portfolio managers run a broad range of strategies, using differing styles of management. There are thus variations in the specific approach to the management of risk, but there are several themes common to most:

Most approaches to personal investing begin with a focus on the manner in which assets are allocated among different securities or strategies The risk mitigation strategies used by portfolio managers are important, but equally important in constructing each individual portfolio is understanding an investor’s tolerance for downside market movements.  The Verity process is built with a goal of matching an investor’s tolerance for downside movements to their portfolio’s structure and composition.

Do you know your tolerance for risk?