My Risk Number


Are you confident that you’re taking the right amount of risk with your investments?

Wealth management strategies are often enhanced simply by avoiding unnecessary risks.

The first step is to understand whether the risk you are actually taking is the same as the risk you truly want to take.  This review starts with finding your unique Risk Number®. The Risk Questionnaire uses insights from the field of behavioral finance to help quantify your risk preference, expressed as a Risk Number between 1 -99.

The Risk Number helps better define how much risk you are comfortable taking. This is then compared with how much risk you currently are taking with your existing portfolio.

When you get your Risk Number, you will also receive a personalized Retirement Map that calculates a probability of achieving your retirement goals on your current course. This can guide you toward adjustments designed to help enhance the likelihood of success.

In addition, applying a  “stress-test” of your portfolio using a variety of financial market scenarios from the past can illustrate the potential impact of a market crash or a bull market on your portfolio.