Investment Policy


Optimize your plan’s investment menu with the right advice and guidance. Serving as your plan’s 3(21) Investment Advisor or 3(38) Investment Manager, Verity will select, monitor, and recommend plan investments that are appropriate for your employee demographics, compliant with your investment policy statement and consistent with your plan philosophy.

A focus on prudent process and added value outcomes is a key driver of retirement plan success.

Choosing and monitoring investment options in your plan is a significant fiduciary responsibility. ERISA is clear, and we take this duty very seriously.  Investment selection is not about brand name or following the crowd with what is popular.  It is about prudent selection and ongoing monitoring based on strict guidelines.

Verity’s independent investment review process is powered by a technology designed to deliver management based on your Plan’s goals and objectives.  Our process is driven by a strong focus on risk mitigation and identification of excellent investment managers. 

Periodic fiduciary reviews are used in an effort to assure value is being received, that fees are reasonable for the investment managers being used and that deselection of funds is done on a prudent basis.