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Global Investment Performance Standards

GIPS verification is a voluntary process that demonstrates commitment to the fundamental principles of full disclosure and fair representation of investment performance results. Global standardization of investment performance reporting gives investors around the world the additional transparency they need to compare and evaluate investment managers.

Verity Investments, Inc. has retained Ashland Partners & Company, LLC to provide independent verification of our firm.

  • What is verification? Verification is the review of an investment management firm’s performance measurement processes and procedures by an independent third-party “verifier.”

  • What does verification test? Verification tests whether the firm has complied with all the composite construction requirements of the GIPS standards on a firm-wide basis and whether the firm’s processes and procedures are designed to calculate and present performance results in compliance with the GIPS standards.

  • Why should a firm undergo verification? Third-party verification brings credibility to the claim of compliance and supports the overall guiding principles of fair representation and full disclosure of investment performance. Not only do firms benefit from improved internal processes and procedures, but they also receive the marketing advantages of verification as well.

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