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Pentegra Retirement Services

Riskalyze: Portfolio Analysis Tool

Q: What is ‘Risk Alignment’?

A: It is a ground breaking analytics approach designed to match an investor’s risk tolerance with an investment portfolio targeted to perform within a acceptable range of market volatility.

First, the Market Volatility Questionnaire identifies an investor’s willingness to accept market volatility within a six-month period.

Second, the Portfolio Analysis Tool provides a six-month volatility forecast based on each individual holding.

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In combination, this Risk Alignment process allows you to illustrate a portfolio that is designed to fit your client’s unique and individual risk preferences and meet their performance expectations with a 95% mathematical confidence.

*Please note, this is a single user account provided as a demonstration tool for your benefit, and may be temporarily interrupted by another user session. To request an individual user license for the full Portfolio Analysis Tool, powered by Riskalyze, contact Verity Asset Management.