Fayetteville Technical Community College 403(b) Plan Information Portal

Neal Huggins
Account Executive
Verity Asset Management
701 North Fourth Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Ph: (910) 262-6203
Fax: (919) 489-8939

Amy Angus
Account Manager
Ph: (800) 247-6717 x107
Fax: (919) 489-8939

Verity Asset Management
280 S. Mangum Street
550 Diamond View II
Durham, NC 27701
Ph: (800) 247-6717

Use this Salary Reduction Form to start, stop or change the amount of your payroll contributions.

Current Approved Vendors

Distributions from Your Account

Review your distribution options carefully with each provider. While the FTCC 403(b) plan permits loans, this feature may not be available at every vendor. In general, restrictions apply on taking distributions from your 403(b) account prior to age 59 1/2. You may move your 403(b) account among any of the approved providers in the plan, however you should consult with your provider or independent adviser to review any fees that may apply in making such an exchange.